DeeThree grew into the intermediate class through rapidly rising production and reserves in the Upper Bakken oil play at Ferguson and the Belly River light oil play at Brazeau.

We use our full technical toolkit to unlock geology, then unlock value. From foam-based fracturing to some of the longest horizontal laterals drilled in western Canada.

It’s about getting more out of each capital dollar invested. The results: greater capital efficiency, higher netbacks and growth on a per-share basis.

Outside-the-box thinking led to our unique Upper Bakken discovery at Ferguson. Innovative drilling and completion programs unlocked the multi-zone Belly River at Brazeau.




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DeeThree is a growth story

We have grown from a small junior into an intermediate producer in under four years – almost entirely through the drill bit. By focusing on two large-scale, high-netback oil opportunities, we have doubled and redoubled reserves, and delivered multi-year growth in production and funds from operations. Production is on track to meet our 2014 exit guidance of 13,000-13,500 boe per day.

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Two core oil plays in Alberta

DeeThree’s operations are focused on two high-working-interest, Company-operated oil plays in Alberta, with additional potential in non-core lands. Successive years of exploration and step-out drilling have added hundreds of lower-risk horizontal development locations at our two core plays. Both plays have extensive Company-owned infrastructure.

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Ferguson Upper Bakken

The dozens of horizontal wells drilled by DeeThree have shown that the unique, drill-friendly Upper Bakken siltstone extends over a wide area. This has created a multi-year, low-risk development platform of over 100 future wells.

Brazeau-Belly River

DeeThree has demonstrated horizontal development amenability in seven zones in this medium-depth, light oil and liquids-rich gas play in west-central Alberta. In only three years, DeeThree has driven the Brazeau play from initial horizontal testing to a 400-well development inventory.


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